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The patented Red E Bag® was originally designed as a morning sickness bag, but can be used by all who may get sick. Paper vomit bags, like the ones found on airplanes, tend to be small and not very sturdy. This sporty compact bag comes with extra-large opaque leak-proof plastic liner bags that attach to a durable washable nylon bag, which fits into coat pockets, but quickly unsnaps and unfolds to reveal a large liner bag ready to catch over a ½ gallon of fluid. The extra-wide opening, leak-proof liners, and an outside zippered pocket, which can carry clean up supplies, all help make getting sick virtually mess free!

It's the perfect travel accessory for cruise and international travelers.  It's ready in the event of motion sickness, or contracting a contagious virus, such as the flu or gastrointestinal illnesses. Don't cruise without it. It's also convenient to have handy in your vehicle in case of the flu or transporting passengers susceptible to motion sickness.

If sudden sickness is a way of life for you due to morning sickness, motion sickness, or nauseating reactions due to medications, or cancer, or other medical conditions, then carrying the Red E Bag® will lessen anxiety and keep you prepared for sickness anytime, anyplace.  By using the Red E Bag®, you can run errands and go to your appointments even though you may need to get sick. 

For peace of mind, have the Red E Bag® handy when you want to be discreet with embarrassing moments of getting sick in public.  It's ready when you are—anytime, anyplace!

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