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Thank you for visiting our web site! We are very excited to offer a product we developed as a solution to morning sickness and other public nausea. Our Red E Bag, an emergency bag for nausea, was designed to comfortably hold all the discharge that comes with getting sick to your stomach. Yet, it is compact. We made a tri-fold bag that can be discreetly carried to work and in public without drawing attention to the person that may need to get sick. Many people don't want others to know of their condition until they are ready to disclose it, even though they may need to get sick in public. Of course, a barf bag has to be quick to get to; otherwise, what's the point. The RED E BAG opens to an already lined bag, so it's immediately ready for those emergencies that might otherwise cause panic or embarrassment. One of the best features of our bag is the zippered pocket, which holds tissue and other clean up supplies making it convenient to freshen up on the spot.

The Red E Bag is designed for universal use, because anyone can get sick. Sickness related to motion, travel, reactions to medication, chemotherapy or other medical treatments are some of the most common reasons people will need this RED E BAG. One of our satisfied customers wrote to tell us she takes this bag everywhere. “It has been very helpful, especially when I am driving. I take it wherever I go: to work, the movies, church and even when I am just visiting friends. . .. ” R.C., Florida.

In addition to being functional, you'll love the practical side. We've made these bags with durable high quality materials that will provide long lasting wear well after they've served their original purpose.

It is important to us that we provide a quality, functional product with exceptional customer service. Please feel free to contact us at info@redebag.com. We hope whatever the reason you find yourself needing the RED E BAG that using it will give you peace of mind and ease anxiety associated with getting sick in public.

With many thanks,

Jodi & JamesCarr
Emesis Solutions, LLC

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