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I bought one to give my girlfriend who has just undergone a double mastectomy.  She is scheduled for an aggressive round of chemo and radiation.  When she was first diagnosed I brought her a journal to record her thoughts and journey.  But then I figured I would also give her something that is very practical and needed for use in her fight to keep some normalcy in her life as wife and mother.   She loves the security of having the redebag with her so she will not feel embarrassed when she becomes ill while shopping, etc.  It’s a small, inconspicuous bag that does a big job when it's needed.

RK from Cape Coral, FL
Fabulous product! Our 3 year old suffers from severe reflux & your product is a godsend.  Only wish we’d found it sooner!

KB from Homer Glen, IL
I can’t believe it’s here already.  It is a very sturdy, well-designed bag.  Besides room in the pocket for Kleenex, there’s also room for breath mints.  Thank you. Note: For your marketing; a lot of people with Meniere’s get dizzy and then vomit during an attack.

JJ from Springfield, VA
I just wanted to send a quick note and say the red-e-bag made my life so much easier.  It has been very helpful, especially when I am driving.  I take it wherever I go: to work, the movies, church and even when I am just visiting friends.  The bag itself is very attractive and anyone who sees it thinks it is a purse.  Because of the bag’s solid construction, I don’t have to worry about any mess and clean up is a snap with the convenient liners that come with the bag.  Thanks for the red-e-bag; I can’t believe that no one thought of it before.

RC from Miami, FL
Think this is a great way to be prepared.

KS from RI
I was sharing a trailer with four other men and had to get sick.  I don’t even think they knew I got sick.  It was so quiet.

RC from Renton, WA
I purchased the Red E Bag because my friends and I were going on a driving trip to Georgia (from Florida).  I wanted to be prepared just in case someone got car sick.  The concept of having a bag ready for mishaps is great.  It's always in my car and available for the occasion. 

JH from Cape Coral, FL
I bought this for my daughter to take to Europe in case she gets sick on the plane or bus.  It looks like it will work great.  Very compact and discreet.

NC from Haddon Heights, NJ
I bought this bag as a joke for a friend whose airline barf bag broke open in his lap, but when we saw how well constructed it is and how much thought went into the design, he said, "I'm going to use this thing!"

MC from St. Louis, MO

The bags make being prepared for my husband's meniere's attacks much easier. Thank you!

RJB from University Heights, OH

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